Las Moras Casas en la Montaña
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Winter Activities

• Ski at Mount Chapelco, visitors may practice various ski modalities -downhill, cross-country and randonee- as well as snowboarding -half-pipe, parallel slalom, big air, fun park- along its 20 trails.

• Ski at Las Pendientes, which features 2 private ski trails. One of them is 400 m long, ideal for beginners. The other is 750 m long and has a steeper slope. The former has a T- Bar lift and the later a triple chairlift.

• Ski school at Mount Chapelco, with a team of specialized instructors, trains students at all ski disciplines. There is a snow garden for kids. All these characteristics have positioned this school level with the best schools in the world.

• Rides on sleds pulled by dogs.

• Snowmobile tours.

• Snowshoeing across the forest of lengas. Visit »

Summer Activities

In the summer season, Las Moras is a destination full of surprises and activities.

• Fly-fishing. It lasts from November to April. Specimens of introduced fish, such as brook trout, brown trout and rainbow trout, may be caught.

• Horseback excursion to the Verde Lagoon. It takes all day and includes lunch.

• Half-day hiking tour to the Pradera del puma vantage point.

• All-day hiking tour to the ridge opposite Las Pendientes, Mount Teta and Del Mocho Ridge.

• Climbing, rappeling and Tyrolean rope.

• Descent to town on mountain bike.

• Kayaking in Lake Lacar.

• Rafting.

• Adventure park at Mount Chapelco.

Activities for All Seasons

• Two lakes, two volcanoes excursion to the Lanín National Park, on a catamaran touring around Lake HUECHULAFQUEN to a river of solified lava known as ESCORIAL, with sights of the Lanín Volcano.

• Diving in the Andes.

• Horseback riding.

• Mountaineering.

• Boat rides.

• Birdwatching.

Las Pendientes - Mount Chapelco - Patagonia - Argentina
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